First Movement of Hitting Stroke Starts in Flips

I have said that it was helpful to feel that the movement of the backswing originated in the center of the body, because in this way, an ample turn of the hips away from the ball was encouraged. But when it comes to the start of the downswing it is possible to use stronger language. The first movement of the hitting stroke must be in the hips. For in no other way can the powerful muscles in the waist and back be utilized.

A golfer in a proper hitting-position at the top of his swing has three means of adding speed to his club-head by the time it reaches the ball. These are: (1) the unwinding of his hips, (2) the movement of his arms, and (3) the “uncocking” of his wrists, which means straightening out the angle between his left arm and the shaft of the club. Upon the efficiency with which he uses the possibilities of these sources depends the power of his stroke when it reaches the ball.

Figure 11

Figure 11

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