By showing first what ought not to be done, I am hopeful that the average golfer will recognize the mistake he has been making, and so be better prepared to correct his error.

Figure 10 is a presentation of the most common mistake–that of hitting with the hands from the top of the swing. It is in part the result of the old and mistaken idea of throwing the clubhead, and it comes as near making a proper golf shot impossible as anything that could be thought of. I ask only that one study the drawing with a few questions in mind.

How is this player going to stay down to the ball?

Obviously he cannot because his wrists are already straight.
Upon what sources is he going to depend for the acceleration, which means club-head speed at impact?
The bend of his wrists has been used up, and slack exists between his arms and his hips. His shoulders and arms are all that he has left.

Slight Shift Necessary

The case illustrated in Figure 10 is by no means uncommon. This player has saved some of his wrist action, but he has begun to unwind his hips while he keeps practically all of his weight back on his right foot. He has omitted to shift toward the ball so that his club could approach it from inside the projected line of play.

In the one correct illustration, see Figure 10, notice these things:

First, that the hip-turn is leading the return to the ball. Having begun to unwind while the club was still going up, the pull exerted against the inertia of the club-head has stretched the left arm taut and has taken up all the slack between the left hip and the left hand. It can be plainly seen that any further movement of the hips is going to be immediately, and without loss communicated to the club-head.

Observe too, that there has been no suggestion of an attempt to throw the club-head with the hands. The upper part of the body, actuated by the hip-turn has moved almost as one piece, and the full cocking of the wrists has been preserved. Also that there has been blended with all this, a slight lateral movement of the hips back toward the ball, providing plenty of room for the swing to drop inside so that the club-head may strike out straight for the objective.

Figure 10

Figure 10

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