I grip the club in the bend of the forefinger of the left hand, the thumb pressing on the top of the shaft.John Henry Taylor - the Grip

The two middle fingers just exert a controlling influence; with the little finger I grip a little tighter.

The grip of the right hand is similar in every respect, except that the thumb lies over the shaft, and the little forefinger rides lightly on the first finger of the left hand.

The principal pressure throughout the grip is with the first finger and thumb of each hand: but as the right thumb only lies over the shaft, the gripping power necessarily comes from the left fore-finger and thumb and the right fore-finger.

At the top of the swing the grip of the right forefinger is somewhat slackened, to allow the right wrist to drop underneath the shaft.

On the downward movement, the pressure with the forefinger is gradually renewed, until at impact it is the same as when the ball was addressed.

The left-hand pressure is retained throughout the whole swing.

Address and Stance with Driver

Driver Stance - John Henry TaylorI stand firmly on both feet, but if anything more weight on the right — both knees slightly bent; my distance from ball is such that I feel I am not cramped, nor likely to fall over the ball.

My elbows are not tucked into my side but allowed to fall naturally against them.

My foot is in advance of my left about six to seven inches

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