Renders Assistance in Raising Club Only When Left Has Been Pushed Out to Full Extension

In the correct golf stroke the left arm becomes fully extended soon after the backswing gets under way. The arc of the swing being definitely limited by the effective length of the left arm, the complete extension of this member assures the broad sweep of the swing, which means so much in power. Any shortening of the left arm, by bending at the elbow, must contract the arc of the swing and reduce the space in which speed may be built up on the way down.

But since golf is a two-handed game, what should the right arm be doing this while?

It is easy to say, “Keep it out”, and in a sense this is good advice. That is, to try to keep it out. For the normal right-handed golfer is likely to suffer more from what he does with his right hand than from what he omits to do with it. By trying to keep it subdued he has his best chance to use it properly.

Please note that in the correct method, see Figure 6, the right arm above the elbow is still touching lightly against the side when the backswing has been more than half completed. It should never be clamped tightly against the ribs as in figure B nor allowed to move very far away from the side, as the wrong method C illustrates. The former mistake results in a swing that is cramped and far too flat, while the latter error shuts the face and makes impossible a true swing from the inside.

Keep Right Relaxed During Early Stages

The best means of handling the right is by maintaining it completely relaxed during the address and the early stages of the backswing. This it not difficult to do if one thinks of a light grip and of pushing the club back with the left side. At the point illustrated in A, the right hand has begun to render assistance in raising the club toward its top position, but when it started to do so the left arm had already been pushed out to its full extension and the hip-turn had gotten nicely under way. In no case should the right hand be allowed to pick the club up from its first location behind the ball.

Some instructors use the expression, “Let the right elbow ride the right hip.” This is quite a good way of putting it as long as one understands that this does not mean to hug the arm close. The perfectly relaxed right arm, accompanied by a correct body turn, will “ride” the right hip naturally and comfortably as the turn progresses.

Figure 6

Figure 6

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